Windows 7 Market Share in US Passes XP

Windows 7 Market Share in US Passes XP


The champagne corks must be popping at Redmond today. According to stat tracking group Pingdom, Windows 7 usage just passed Windows XP in the US. Of all operating systems, XP use is still at 31.56%, but Windows 7 has vaulted to 31.71%. It's about time.

The data comes from aggregated visits to over 3 million websites, meaning that it offers a solid cross sample of machines. Usage of Windows 7 has been on a steep rise ever since the OS was debuted. A refreshing change from Vista, which never got close to XP's market share level.

In many ways, this was inevitable. As old computers break down, people replace them with whatever is current. But we would wager that Windows 7 has also smoothed over many of the hurt feelings from Vista in general. The US joins other countries like the UK, Australia and France that have already hit this milestone. So, hands up if you're still on XP.

Posted: 2011-04-09 00:17:18