New Electronic Rock Guitar Bag Melts Faces While Protecting Laptops

New Electronic Rock Guitar Bag Melts Faces While Protecting Laptops

Face melting solos aren't quite as skin-peeling when you're rocking an air guitar. We know nothing feels more badass than simulating Angus Young's power chords in "Back in Black," but to everybody else, you just look silly. strives to make wannabe strummers cool again. It just unveiled a new accessory that achieves the perfect blend of usefulness and awesomeness; the laptop-carrying Electronic Rock Guitar Bag.

This awesome little accessory uses the same basic design and premise as  Electronic Rock Guitar Shirts, only you stuff computers inside of it rather than your pale, flabby stomach. It's capable of carrying a 17-inch laptop, a cellphone and "other necessities" simultaneously in addition to rocking your socks.

The fun part – the working drawing of an electric guitar on the bag's outer flap – is powered by 4 AAA batteries. Simply clip the supplied mini amp speaker to the outside of the bag, crank the volume (it goes all the way to 11. Eleven!) and blast out the grooves. Each button on the neck of the guitar corresponds to one of the major chords, and it plays in perfect tune every time. There's even a separate tone knob.

This $50 bad boy's only available for preorder right now: promises to have it "just in time for back to school at the end of August." To us non-school types, that's approximately August 28th.

Posted: 2011-07-29 20:05:37