Cool Site of the Week: Newspaper Map

Cool Site of the Week: Newspaper Map

Traditional print publishing may have been in some choppy waters these past few years, but the ship’s no where close to going down just yet. Ironically, the best proof of this out there comes to us from the interwebz. Thanks to a site called Newspaper Map, those of us who still love the smell and feel of newsprint with our morning coffee will always know where to find a newspaper, no matter where in the world we might be.

The website offers its visitors a map of the world, with markers indicating Cities and towns print newspapers where--as well as their online presence--are still published. Each of the markers is color-coded to coincide with the newspaper’s printed language. This as it is, would be a throughly useful tool, but newspaper map does its users one better: Just click on any of the markers, and you’ll be presented with the option to read that newspaper’s online edition in a wide variety of languages, with the translation provided by Google.

Going to the extreme, we translated Moskovskiy Komsomolets, a newspaper published out of Surgut, Russia into Gaeilge and English, and found to our surprise that what we ended up with in both instances was surprisingly readable. For dedicated news hounds, expatriates or those that looking for a new window on world events, Newspaper Map is a must-visit site.

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Posted: 2011-07-29 22:08:21