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Laptops Deals! We've just gotten word of some hot new 13"-15" notebooks from Lenovo, with prices that are sure to catch your attention.
Let's start with the two that are already here - the Lenovo ThinkPad L412 and Lenovo ThinkPad L512. These Core i3-i5 laptops are lightweight and are Lenovo's greenest enterprise laptops yet. Starting at just $599, they're definitely affordable too.
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New HPs now available: ENVY 17, dm4t, dv5t, dv6t, dv7t select, G42, G72 released a whole number of new laptops last week, updating virtually their entire line with better hardware and more attractive looks.
HP has recently done a lot of work in updating their consumer products, including Pavilion notebooks, G-Series notebooks and Envy notebooks. Many of them have a redesigned brushed metal chassis as well as updated internals. As part of what might become a weekly ritual here at, I'll walk you through some of the best new releases of this week. Take a look below.
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Despite months of delays, Acer seems just about ready to ship its anticipated Iconia Tab A100. Engadget says the company has sent an email to retail partners letting them known that the 7-inch tablet will be in stores sometime in early August and cost $300. The tablet was originally supposed to hit store shelves in [...]

An old geek adage has become much more believable as a new study has found evidence that Internet Explorer users are generally dumber than Chrome and Firefox users. A company called AptiQuant, a self-proclaimed “world leader in the field of online psychometric testing,” published the results of an online study that tested the IQs of [...]

Just like in the Star Wars prequel movies, the Droid army was strong and untouchable for a time. But then due to the power of the Jedi army, eventually the Droid army was overcome and no more. As too with this Droid 3, could this be the end of the Droid smartphone army? This week I [...]

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